Messenger Bot API

API Description

The Messenger Bot API allows external applications to connect with and pass information into our messenger service programmatically.  It consists of a REST API and a WebSocket based API for event listening and creating interactive bots.

The Messenger Bot API provides the following capabilities: 

  1. Authenticate - Allow a user to authenticate with our API gateway.
  2. List Chatrooms - Provide a list of chatrooms the user is associated with on Eikon Messenger.
  3. Join Chatrooms - Join a bot to a chatroom.
  4. Post Messages - Allow a user to post messages to chatrooms or one to one messages.
  5. Leave Chatroom - Make a bot leave a chatroom
  6. Create Chatroom - A bot can create a bilateral chatroom
  7. Send Invites - A bot can send invites to users to join a chatroom
  8. WebSocket Events - The bot can listen to events in a chatroom and provide the ability to act as an interactive chatbot.

All request and response bodies are encoded in JSON.