Messenger Side by Side API

API Description

The Messenger Side by Side API allows external applications to connect with and pass information into our messenger.  It is an API which requires user interaction, while the Messenger Bot API is more machine to machine and thus programmatic.

The API is currently a uni-directional REST API  which allows you to pass information into Eikon Messenger and in the future may offer GET method capabilites.

The Messenger Side by Side API provides the following capabilities: 

  1. Authenticate - Allow a user to authenticate using Side by Side.
  2. List Chatrooms - Provide a list of chatrooms the user is associated with on Eikon Messenger.
  3. Join Chatrooms - Join a bot to a chatroom.
  4. Post Messages - Allow a user to post messages to chatrooms or one to one messages
  5. Create Bilateral Chatrooms - Allow a user to create bilateral charooms
  6. Invite User to Bilateral Chatrooms -  Invite a list of users to bilateral chatrooms

All request and response bodies are encoded in JSON.


The API is uni-directional for now, thus you can only send and not receive messages.