(Deprecated) DataScope Select - SOAP API

We have something better... We will be discontinuing this API soon, but dont worry! We have an updated API that suits your needs better.


Data Coverage

LSEG DataScope Select (DSS) offers a comprehensive data model and supports a variety of asset classes, including equities, derivatives, funds, loans, money/foreign exchange, CDS/IRS and OTC equity options. Additional supported data sets include corporate actions, reference data, entity data, evaluated pricing, news, estimates, analytics and technical indicators.

Usage Scenarios

The LSEG DataScope Select APIs offer programmatic access to LSEG content in a more flexible way than the browser- and FTP-based data access solutions. They can be used to create an infinite number of client applications and are ideally suited for the following use cases:

Forward Feed for a Client Data Store

Clients interested in LSEG pricing and reference content can replicate LSEG DataScope Select data into their own data stores (database, spreadsheet, files). The APIs support this on a security-by-security basis or in client-based lists (portfolios, indexes, funds, etc.).

Application Data Source

Desktop applications in the securities business need a data source to populate data fields and graphs. Given the breadth of the reference and pricing data available via LSEG DataScope Select, the APIs are ideal to fit this requirement.

Embedded LSEG DataScope Select

The APIs facilitate a high level of control, and are perfectly suited for fully automated interaction. For example, if a fund manager buys a new security, he can use an API-based program to look up the security and obtain the required pricing and reference data, and then store that information in a database spreadsheet or in-house application within seconds of making the decision. For clients with overnight processing requirements, the APIs facilitate automated data retrieval, error processing, and alerting.

LSEG DataScope Select APIs

LSEG DataScope Select has two API offerings:

  • The SOAP API launched with DataScope Select in 2006
  • The REST API launched with DataScope Select 10.1 in May 2015.

Both APIs are language and platform independent, and provide flexibility and easy integration of LSEG data into client systems.

Both APIs require a DSS user account, and the SOAP API requires additional LSEG DataScope Select permissioning. The REST API requires no additional permissioning and is available to all LSEG DataScope Select clients.

All future API functionality will be designed around REST. While the existing SOAP-based web interface protocols will continue to be available concurrently, clients are encouraged to migrate to the REST API to take advantage of the enhanced LSEG DataScope Select offering.

LSEG DataScope Select SOAP API

The DSS SOAP API is a request-and-retrieve web service that provides entitled users access to a wide range of LSEG DataScope Select content. Like the REST API, the SOAP API consists of multiple web methods for searching and validating instruments and counterparties, accessing data dictionaries, and executing extractions.  However, the SOAP API does not support extraction scheduling based on event triggers.

Data Extraction Process Overview

After setting user preferences in the DSS web GUI, data extractions can be made.

These are the basic steps to create and schedule a data extraction; all can be done using the DSS GUI or APIs:

  • Define the instrument list
  • Define the report template (report type, format, output & data fields)
  • Schedule the extraction execution
  • Retrieve extraction results
  • Review extraction files
We have something better...

We will be discontinuing this API soon, but dont worry! We have an updaed API that suits your needs better.