Zero Footprint Screening - V2


LSEG World-Check One API Zero Footprint Screening (ZFS) API enables customers to screen entities without the need to permanently store data on LSEG’s platform. No case or matched data is stored, thus offering an ideal lightweight solution for on-demand screening.

The ZFS API provides a subset of the capabilities of Case Management and Audit, namely:

  • Screen names, with or without secondary identifiers

  • Provide results of the screening process

  • Provide the detailed World-Check information for matched individuals, organizations, or vessels

  • Allow the use of Internal Watchlists


Since there are no saved cases and matches when using the Zero-Footprint Screening API, integrations should be using the available API endpoints to perform the necessary operations:

  • Cases are created and screened via the API using a synchronous approach

  • Case details are returned via the API for review and investigation, or local storage

  • Group configuration and other Admin-related functions are done via the WC1 Desktop

ZFS API clients may also do ad-hoc screening via the WC1 Desktop. All provided information and match results will not be stored.

Sample Use Cases

Sample API HTTP requests for ZFS (Postman Collection) - V2

Refer to this link for sample API requests in HTTP format for Zero-footprint screening (ZFS), provided as a Postman collection. This collection outlines the sequence of API methods required to perform a KYC/AML zero-footprint screening workflow and provides some example HTTP requests for each method to illustrate how to integrate with the API. Import the World-Check One API - V2 environment file to allow full interaction with the World-Check One API environment with the Postman collection. The environment file can be used for both Pilot and Production accounts.
PLEASE NOTE: The Google Chrome version of Postman and the accompanying Interceptor plugin are now deprecated. Please use the native version of Postman. The Interceptor is no longer required.

Schema Reference

Security and Authentication details - V2

Refer to these guides for requirements around security and authentication when interacting with the World-Check One API.

API Schema Reference Documentation - V2 This provides detailed reference for all methods supported by the World-Check One API, together with all associated data models. This documentation is generated from the Swagger schema (linked below) and is provided as a more convenient way to navigate the detailed API reference material. Users are free to utilise the schema itself to derive an alternative representation for their own reference purposes.

See appropriate endpoints that have the ZFS ability (marked with *) in schema reference documentation.

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