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RDD Reports API

Refinitiv Due Diligence (RDD) Reports API - Overview

The RDD Reports API allows our clients to place orders for Refinitiv Due Diligence Reports from within their own internal systems and onbaording platforms. This page describes the system-to-system interface of the RDD Portal (Refinitiv's report-ordering portal) and how to use it. It describes what the Refinitiv Due Diligence (RDD) Reports API is, what is required to use it, how to make requests and how to process the response. This document should be the main guideline when integrating to the RDD Reports API.

What is the RDD Reports API?

The API was built to allow clients to integrate their systems to the RDD Portal (Refinitiv's due diligence report-ordering platform). The API allows clients to place requests for Refinitiv Due Diligence reports through their own onboarding systems. Everything is fully automated and doesn’t need any human interaction at all. It uses the most important functions of the RDD Portal web application. These functions are described in the Possibilities and Functionality section. Any functionality not described in this section will require use of the web application – like setting up the company account, groups and users when a client is first onboarded.

The Technology

The RDD Reports API is based on REST technology. We use the Swagger tool for documentation with OpenApi3 standard. OAuth2 is used for security (more about security in the Security section within the Documentation section).

The Order Flow

The order flow is the same as on the RDD Portal web application. This will not be a subject of this document. For more information about the flow of an order and how it gets processed please refer to the RDD Portal guide. This can be made available on request.

Have Questions?

If you have any problems with the API that you can’t solve by yourself, please contact the RDD Support team via the Q&A Forum or by emailing rddsupport@refinitiv.com.