Refinitiv Due Diligence Centre API

API Description

Refinitiv Due Diligence Centre API provides the ability for clients to communicate directly with their Refinitiv Due Diligence Centre platforms in order to streamline their third-party risk management programmes. Refinitiv exposes a REST (Representational State Transfer) service that can be utilised to process data from various client systems to their Refinitiv Due Diligence Centre system. In this service, the request should be prepared by the client system to follow the standard format defined in the API specification.

After validating the required information from the request, the API will send a response in a standard format back to the client system. The response is designed so that it will contain status information that is useful to the client’s third-party on-boarding process.

The following are the key capabilities for the APIs:

  • Contacts
    • Retrieve Third-party Contact List
    • Add Third-party Contact
    • Bulk Add Contact
    • Delete Third-party Contact
    • Retrieve Third-party Contact details by ID
    • Update Partial Third-Party Contact
  • Self-Service
    • Uploading self-service flat file
    • Fetching self service process in paginated format
    • Fetch self service process status by Process ID
  • Third-party
    • Retrieve Third-party List
    • Add Third-party
    • Bulk Add Third-party
    • Bulk Attach Files to Third-party
    • Get Third Party List with Change of Screening Status by Update Data Range
    • Get Third Party List with Change of Status by Update Date Range
    • Delete Third-Party
    • Retrieve Third-Party Details by ID
    • Partially Update Third Party
  • References
    • Retrieve a list of reference values from the Platform, such as Region, Country, Department, Division, Industry Type etc. 
  • Users
    • Bulk Add Internal User
  • Questionnaires
    • Assign Adhoc Questionnaire
    • Receive Questionnaire Response
    • Receive Attachment Response
    • Retrieve Questionnaire Assignment List
    • Retrieve Questionnaire Details
  • Webhook
    • For the external system to be notified if the third-party status was changed. For example, from new to onboarding. 


As the Refinitiv Due Diligence Centre API is a commercial offering, access to it needs to be enabled before integration can complete.

As a developer, you have full access to the Refinitiv Due Diligence Centre API developer portal resources, as well as access to the Refinitiv Due Diligence Centre API integration environment (the “pre-production” environment), which you can use to verify your integration in a pre-production setting without the risk of affecting production data. Once the integration has passed your UAT criteria, it can be progressed to the Refinitiv Due Diligence Centre API production environment for real-world use.

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